The Cowboy Bebop Anime Episodes That Inspired Netflix’s Live-Action Show

It’s not really too hard to draw the connections between the original episodes on the list Netflix Geeked posted to Facebook and their live-action scions. “Cowboy Blues,” the first episode of the live-action series, sees Spike and Jet (Mustafa Shakir) tracking down Asimov Solensan (Jan Uddin) and his partner Katarina (Lydia Peckham), just as the first anime episode, “Asteroid Blues” does, after all. 

Then there is “Venus Pop,” which finds the pair battling the Teddy Bomber (Rodney Cook), who came from the anime’s 22nd episode, “Cowboy Funk.” Spike and Jet cross paths with their faithful Corgi companion Ein after facing off with the bounty Abdul Hakim (Cali Nelle) and join up with Faye Valentine (Daniela Pineda) after battling ecoterrorists on a planetary moon (Ganymede in the anime; Callisto in the live-action series).

That said, fans of the original were quick to take to the comments to nominate their favorite episodes for “essential” status, whether they inspired episodes of the live-action series or not. The two-parter “Jupiter Jazz,” “Ballad of Fallen Angels,” and “Waltz for Venus” were all specifically shouted out. Others reminded people that if the Netflix series really had piqued their curiosity about the anime, they’d be best off just watching the entire thing, straight through, instead of cherry-picking select moments. As usual, those who were less pleased with the adaptation — or just more inclined to be purists about their “Cowboy Bebop” content — advised against watching the adaptation at all, and instead going straight to watching the anime.

The new “Cowboy Bebop” series is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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