The Ending Of Hawkeye Episode 1 Explained

“Hawkeye” Episode 1 starts off with a bang — or hundreds of them, you could say — as we’re transported back in time to the Battle of New York from the original “Avengers” film. After we get a brief glimpse into the shaky marriage of Kate’s parents Eleanor (Vera Farmiga) and Derek Bishop (Brian d’Arcy James), their swanky penthouse starts shaking and eventually crumbling as the Chitauri decimate the buildings of New York.

A young Kate is on her own in the penthouse as she gets separated from her parents, and a Chitarui almost takes her out, but we see that an arrow from Hawkeye takes down the small alien ship before it claims her. Kate spots Hawkeye on the roof of a nearby building, identifying her savior, who then leaps from the building and shoots a grapple arrow — a throwback to a famous Clint moment from “The Avengers.”

It’s at this moment that Kate becomes inspired, thanks to the heroic efforts of Hawkeye on that roof. He has saved her life, and she admits to her mom at her father’s funeral that she wants a bow and arrow. Thanks to Hawkeye’s heroism that day in New York, Kate takes on archery and other skills, including karate and fencing, making her an excellent swordsman. Without Clint, there would be no Kate Bishop in the MCU.

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