The Hawkeye Episode 1 Character Fans Agree Is The Absolute Worst

Long story short, he kicked the dog.

Lucky the Pizza Dog was perhaps the breakout character of Matt Fraction and David Aja’s comic book run on “Hawkeye” that served as the primary source material for the series, even getting an entire issue told from his point of view. In the show, he helps Kate as the Tracksuit Mafia members are loading their stolen goods onto a truck for their escape, biting at the pant leg of one and taking a couple of blows from his shoe for the trouble. He flees and is rescued by Kate from oncoming traffic. 

The Tracksuit Mafia guy (shown above) won’t be so lucky. It’s not the sort of thing the internet is ever going to forgive you for. “Most evil MCU characters ranked: 3. Ultron 2. Thanos 1. Tracksuit mafia member that kicked Lucky,” wrote u/thorsmagicbelt on Reddit. To some fans, even the biggest, baddest bad guys in Marvel history wouldn’t put up with that sort of evil. “Wilson Fisk is going to show up late in the season and go: ‘Gentlemen, I understand one of your number kicked a dog. I will not allow such behavior in my organization,'” wrote u/ContinuumGuy.

Even some part of the perpetrator seemed to realize what he was doing was wrong. “I’m going to kick you,” he warns before he lands the first hit. That’s probably not going to save him from the wrath of the internet though. Everybody knows what kind of character he and his buddies are now.

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