The Real Reason Jeremy Renner Will Never Watch Avengers: Endgame Again

Fans will know that the archer takes an active role in most of the “Avengers” movies — and “Captain America: Civil War” — but he’s never fronted his own adventure until now. However, many of the character’s most emotional moments to date occurred in “Avengers: Endgame,” particularly in regard to his close friendship with Nathasha. Jeremy Renner recently spoke to BBC Radio 1’s Ali Plumb about “Hawkeye” and the journey of the character over the last decade, confessing that he hasn’t watched “Avengers: Endgame” again since the premiere. “I saw it at the premiere, but that was just something to celebrate for all of us.”

He explained that it was a bittersweet — but beautiful moment for the cast. “We were all laughing and weeping, and it was a lot, it was a lot to do. I’ll never watch that again,” he explained, adding, “It was a difficult experience. We were all just a sobbing mess and we’re laughing. It’s amazing, we were like audience members, and that was awesome to experience. That was a lovely, beautiful experience to share.”

All around, Renner seems to feel that his first time watching the massive Avengers climax was such a unique thing to do with all of the friends he’d made along the way, and clearly, it might be difficult to do it again without everyone there. It’s worth noting that, even today, Renner has said that the original Avengers still share a group text, explaining that, “We speak about our kids and, you know, divorces and marriages and house buildings, we speak about just our life stuff […] It is cool! Our friendship is, it’s been very, very special.”

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