The Swedish Crime Comedy Series You Never Knew Starred Keanu Reeves

With countless crime procedural dramas saturating the market, the oddball comedy “Swedish Dicks” takes a different approach. The American-Swedish show follows stuntman-turned-private-investigator Ingmar Andersson (Peter Stormare, who also co-starred alongside Reeves in “Constantine”) and Axel Kruse (Johan Glans), a washed-up DJ looking for something new. They join forces to solve crime through their self-run firm, Swedish Dicks (“dick” is a slang term for “detective,” though the show obviously makes sure to use plenty of double entendres).

Keanu Reeves recurs in the crime series as Tex “Crazy Man” Johnson, Ingmar’s friend and former stunt partner who is presumed to have been murdered after having an affair with a mobster’s girlfriend. In addition to their ongoing cases, Ingmar and Axel find themselves investigating whether or not Tex is actually dead.

“I love how progressive the whole show is. The scripts are amazing and it was great to have the opportunity to work with Peter Stormare again,” Reeves said of his rare TV role (via ScreenDaily). In addition to “Swedish Dicks” and “Constantine,” Reeves and Stormare also appeared together in “John Wick: Chapter 2.”

There are currently two seasons of “Swedish Dicks” available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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