The Tracksuit Mafia From Hawkeye Explained

The comics version of the Tracksuit Mafia is known by the even more endearing Barton-issued nickname, Tracksuit Draculas. They come in conflict with Hawkeye when one of their members attempt to gain control of the apartment building the Avenger lives in for a real estate plot. 

Despite their somewhat comical demeanor and vast overuse of the word “bro,” members of this group are fairly dangerous, as their ruthlessness, sheer numbers, and access to competent assassins readily proves. They’re the most frequent villainous force in the esteemed “Hawkeye” comic by Matt Fraction and David Aja, and since the Disney+ show seems to lift quite a few plot elements from this particular run, it’s only natural that this red-tinted horde of bros makes an appearance. 

The version of the Tracksuit Mafia in “Hawkeye” the show seems to be rather faithful to the comic book incarnation, even though the fact that the MCU Hawkeye doesn’t live in a ratty apartment complex means that their motivations and allegiances are quite different. Future episodes will show just how ruthless they turn out to be, but if the comic version is any indication, they’re not above murdering people … or even beating up poor, helpless animals.

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