What Happened To The Original Voice Cast?

In 1993, Alison Sealy-Smith replaced Iona Morris, who portrayed Storm for the first season of “X-Men: The Animated Series.” Like everyone else who auditioned to take over the role, she was asked to listen to Morris’ performance. Sealy-Smith, though she grew up in Barbados, easily identified that Morris’ reference did not remotely match the description of Ororo Munroe as being from North Africa, so instead, as she told YouTube channel Marvel DC Galore, she aimed for a round “Shakespearean” bellow that would become closely associated with the character. 

Storm was her first voice acting job, and she now feels that not having expectations about what a “cartoon” performance should sound like helped her to give the performance the show needed. Sealy-Smith would reprise the role of Storm in the “X-Men: Mutant Academy” video games. She was also the voice Gamora, Guardian of the Galaxy on “Silver Surfer.”

Sealy-Smith continued to work as an on-camera and voice actor throughout the 2000s, but she has had an extensive theatre career as both an actor and director. She is a founding member and former Artistic Director of the Obsidian Theatre Company in Toronto and Diasporic Arts Productions in Barbados, which she founded in 2009. Alison Sealy-Smith will be back as Storm for “X-Men ’97.”

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