Where Is In The Dark Actually Filmed?

The mean streets of “In the Dark” aren’t actually located in Chicago. Instead, the show is filmed in the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, according to the Chicago Tribune. The show’s creator, Corinne Kingsbury, set the series in the Windy City because of her personal connection to the metropolis: Kingsbury’s husband, John Francis Daley (“Bones”), is a Chicago native. “He took me there a few years ago, and I just absolutely just like fell in love with it. What’s funny is, I thought (the series) was going to be shot in Chicago. One of the other reasons why I like to write places that I love is I think I’m going to be there a lot,” Kingsbury told the Chicago Tribune.

The production designer of “In the Dark,” Nazgol Goshtasbpour, did her research well, trying to make the series’ setting look as authentic as possible. She read books on Chicago architecture, compared Chicago and Toronto neighborhoods — paying particular attention to “train stations, metal bridges, and alleys” — and drew inspiration from her personal visits to the city. Show creator Kingsbury told the Chicago Tribune that she believes they were successful, stating, “I think that they did a really good job making Toronto suburbs feel like Chicago suburbs. I feel like Murphy’s apartment looks very much like downtown Chicago.” 

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