Why Yellowstone Season 3’s Finale Had Kelly Reilly Worried About Her Job

Before broaching the subject of her role in “Yellowstone” Season 4 , Elle interviewer Lauren Puckett-Pope asked Kelly Reilly when she found out that Beth would survive Season 3. Though Reilly didn’t answer the question directly, she did implicitly reveal that it was sometime after production began on the season finale.

“When I got the script for the explosion, of course, I asked [showrunner Taylor Sheridan] the question: ‘Is she going to make it? Are you trying to tell me something?’ I think every actor thinks they’re going to get fired,” Reilly said. “Everybody always thinks it’s their last shot at it, and they’ll never work again. But, no, everyone was very honest from the get-go, saying, ‘No, no, no. Taylor just wanted everyone to think that they all died. He wanted that cliffhanger moment.'”

The death of a key character, like Beth or another member of the Dutton family, has its precedent. Lee Dutton actor Dave Annable notably accepted a role on the series knowing that his character would die in the pilot episode. Thankfully for Reilly, Beth is still kicking and shaking things up as “Yellowstone” continues in its fourth season.

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