Young Sheldon Finally Explained One Of Big Bang Theory’s Biggest Mysteries

“Big Bang Theory” fans know that Sheldon has a negative opinion about one specific scientific discipline and those who practice it — engineering. On the CBS sitcom, he often used his dislike of the profession to mock his friend Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg), who has made a career in the discipline. It turns out that he developed this dislike during his youth due to the teaching style of one tough educator.

In “An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel,” Sheldon takes an engineering course at East Texas Tech with Professor Boucher (guest star Lance Reddick). Boucher’s brusqueness eventually rubs Sheldon the wrong way after Sheldon repeatedly fails his professor’s assignment to build a bridge, and the professor rips his every attempt at developing a new one to literal shreds. Sheldon appeals to the adults in his life for help, but the young boy’s parents are persuaded that Boucher’s tough love is good for him. Eventually, the pint-sized scientist figures out the problem with his creation — he hasn’t factored in how real-life stressors such as wind will affect his bridge’s stability. When he tries to share his revelation, he realizes that Boucher has locked him out of the class for being late.

He says that this is what caused him to develop a dislike for engineering. Howard — who co-narrates the episode — reacts in shock to that notion. The episode also explains Sheldon’s dislike for professors who are tenured, which he made known on “The Big Bang Theory” in Season 6 during the episode “The Tenure Turbulence.”

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