Colin Farrell’s Best Movie And TV Roles To Date

Before he directed the Best Picture nominee “Brooklyn,” John Crowley helmed the 2003 movie “Intermission.” Considering this production hails from Ireland, it’s no surprise that one of the country’s biggest 21st century finds, Colin Farrell, managed to headline the production alongside fellow Irish silver screen figures Colm Meaney and Cillian Murphy. Though not a massive box office smash, “Intermission” did score positive reviews, with Farrell’s central performance getting especially good notices.

Roger Ebert, for instance, commended Farrell’s work in “Intermission” for being solid and blending well into an ensemble cast. Meanwhile, Elvis Mitchell of The New York Times singled out Farrell’s performance in the opening scene of “Intermission,” which oozes with confidence, for signaling the tone of the ensuing film. Ruthe Stein of The San Francisco Chronicle echoed these positive notes by observing how impressively he conveys a “menacing” aura. She also praised his decision to utilize his natural Irish accent, something he largely eschews in his Hollywood roles. 

An earlier entry in Farrell’s lengthy filmography, “Intermission” still stands out as eternally relevant to Farrell as a performer. The film is a showcase of some of his best traits, especially his deft work in ensemble casts and his ability to flourish in small-scale indie fare.

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