The Office Character Most Likely To Win On Squid Game

It’d really be no contest if every Dunder Mifflin employee had to play Squid Game. Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is too much of a procrastinator and people-pleaser to make it far. Jim’s a huge slacker. The only one who would have any kind of competitive advantage would be Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson). 

Over the course of “The Office,” Dwight exhibits several skills that would prove beneficial on “Squid Game.” For starters, he’s a natural outdoorsman who’s proficient with an array of weaponry, from pepper spray to throwing stars. 

He’d also do well with the limited rations given out to contestants. In Season 7’s “Todd Packer,” Dwight attempts to get through all of his survivalist food before it expires even though it already looks pretty much done. He’s clearly not picky, and he could probably survive a long time without a ton of food, which would come in handy during the night when the gamekeepers intentionally give the players a limited meal to start a riot. 

Throughout the show, Dwight has also referenced his martial arts skills, so he could likely take most of the other employees in hand-to-hand combat for the final challenge. The only dark horse we’d put in this race is Creed Bratton (Creed Bratton), simply because we have no idea what he’s truly capable of as a person.

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