Vegas’ Matt Lauria Reveals What Really Attracted Him To The Role

In an interview with TV Fanatic, an “exciting” character breakdown and a “fantastic” meeting with “CSI: Vegas”‘ showrunner Jason Tracey drew Matt Lauria to the role of Joshua Folsom. 

“He’s so intelligent, and he gets it,” Lauria said of Tracey, adding that the show’s character writing was “incredible.” It helped that the actor had fun during his audition and that he also liked the fact that Josh is a multi-dimensional character. Referring to the fact that Folsom’s family is steeped in criminal activity and that often forced Josh to participate in their wrongdoing before he turned over a new leaf, Lauria explained that his character “has a heightened sense of justice and has excellent principles, and feels as though the work he does with CSI is repaying the karmic debt accumulated by his family.”

Lauria added that Josh has a “Han Solo edge,” but has the ability to behave with “sensitivity” toward crime victims. This pull between sarcasm and gentleness, dark and light, beckoned Lauria to the character. 

“CSI: Vegas” airs every Wednesday night at 10 PM EST on CBS. 

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