Who Is The Actor That Plays Kylie Estevez On Chicago Fire?

The actor stepping into the role of Firehouse 51 part-time office assistant Kylie Estevez on “Chicago Fire” is Katelynn Shennett. Incredibly, per Shennett’s IMDb page, her work on “Chicago Fire” is her only credit to date (hopefully, it will not be her last). Making appearances across three seasons of the series, Shennett’s Kylie Estevez helps coordinate the team’s responses to the various time-critical emergency calls coming into the station each week. Introduced to audiences in the Season 8 episode “I’ll Cover You,” Kylie has shown up for duty to keep the firehouse HQ operations running smoothly in a total of 14 episodes. Her most recent on-screen appearance occurs in Season 10’s “What Happened at Whiskey Point” episode.

As it turns out, Shennett’s Kylie Estevez is also a key member of the “Girls on Fire” community outreach program started by “Chicago Fire” firefighter Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo). Based on a real-life program, “Girls on Fire” is an organization that guides young women interested in a firefighting career. In its fictional form on “Chicago Fire,” the organization only gets off the ground because Shennett’s Kylie Estevez encourages her friends to join, making her character just that more important to the show’s ongoing narrative.

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