Why Grills From Hawkeye Looks So Familiar

Clayton English is a writer/director/stand-up comedian who made his dramatic acting debut as Peanut in “House of Payne.” Tyler Perry’s sitcom has been on the air ever since 2007 for 10 seasons spread across several networks, and English made 12 appearances on the program between 2007 and 2011. 

Peanut was a friend of Calvin Payne (Lance Gross), and they often tried to engineer get-rich-quick schemes together, such as creating their own nightclub alongside their friend Pookie (Quincy Bonds). Peanut also employed the Payne family at large in his off-the-wall antics; for instance, he once lied to his girlfriend that he owned a barbershop and had the Paynes pose as his employees, making over their house as a facsimile of a haircutting establishment.

Per an Interview with B High ATL (via YouTube), English got the role on the spot after reading with Bonds, whom he knew from the local stand-up comedy scene. The gig was only supposed to run a single episode, but Perry kept bringing Peanut back, which launched English’s acting career.

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