Gold Rush Takes Way Longer To Film Than You Think

In order to fill their pans with money-making gold, the crews of “Gold Rush” have to devote a ton of time to the mining process, which, according to HowStuffWorks, is quite extensive. First, mining companies have to prospect a rocky location where there’s enough gold concentration to be considered profitable. Then they have to determine how to go about mining depending on the size of the gold deposits. Mining crews then have to extract the small amounts of gold from the large amounts of dirt and rocks they mine, and the gold gets refined and hopefully turns into a nice profit for the miners.

With such a lengthy process involved, you may wonder how long it actually takes to film a season of “Gold Rush.” Luckily, Redditor u/bcwildie, who claimed they have spent a few years with the “Gold Rush” teams, provided some insight. u/Bcwildie wrote, “A few of the crew usually go up mid March to dewinterize everything and get camp ready. The rest of show up around the end of March/early April. Then we stay until about mid October, later if the weather holds and camp doesn’t freeze so we can do more stripping.”

So, it looks like the cast and crew behind “Gold Rush” is pretty busy for most of the year, but given that gold mining is their livelihood, it makes perfect sense.

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