Marvel Zombies Release Date, Cast, And Plot

So when will “Marvel Zombies” arrive on Disney+? Unfortunately, the streaming service hasn’t confirmed when the show will start airing, as the announcement on Twitter only says it’s “coming soon.” It seems likely that it’ll debut in the next year or so, but it depends how far into production Marvel is as to when the undead will rise again. As Disney+ Day didn’t reveal a first trailer or any stills from “Marvel Zombies,” the team is probably still in the early stages of production.

Just for a little context, “What If…?” was announced in April 2019 — which feels like a lifetime ago thanks to certain ongoing global events — and eventually debuted on August 11, 2021. So it could potentially take another two years for “Marvel Zombies” to munch its way onto Disney+. Hopefully, Marvel Studios is already deep into production and it’ll arrive much sooner than that.

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