The Detail That Makes No Sense In Only Murders In The Building

As u/SleepingWIllow1 summed it up on Reddit, “WHY IS NOONE WEARING GLOVES!!!” Others were quick to chime in with their disbelief that the group would have forgotten something so basic. “I had that same thought,” wrote u/KBK226, “especially when Mabel picked up the KNIFE in the vent. I was like GIRL. You listen to enough true crime podcasts you should KNOW this!!!

It was a detail, some fans remembered, that the show had been good about before. “Mabel wore gloves when she and Charles were snooping around in Teddy’s apartment!” wrote u/cuddly_guacamole. “She knows better!”

But another commenter had a guess as to why this time might be the one they forgot. “Charles always brought the gloves but wasnt there when they searched Jans apartment,” speculated u/loveatheory. But that doesn’t mean that commenter was ready to let them off the hook quite so easily. “Still dumb of them though!”

Given how the season ended –– with the central trio exiting the Arconia in handcuffs after finding the body of Bunny (Jayne Houdyshell) in the season’s closing moments –– it’s possible their carelessness will come back to bite them later. “Only Murders in the Building” has already been picked up for a second season by Hulu, but the release date of the next slate of episodes is currently unknown.

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