The Real Reason Zachary Quinto Stopped Doing American Horror Story

Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment in an interview published February 20, 2015, Zachary Quinto mainly focused on promoting his work on the then-new NBC drama “The Slap,” though he was also asked if he had any plans to return to the “American Horror Story” franchise.

“No, I don’t think so,” Quinto explained. “I haven’t had any conversations with anybody about it, but I feel I had a likewise great experience there, and I’m interested in getting away from the genre stuff. I like the fact that Harry is the antagonist of [‘The Slap’]. I’ve played a lot of antagonists and notable villains in my journey, but I’m willing and excited to, eager to move on from that and the genre world. I’m interested in other worlds. ‘The Slap’ represented that for me. It’s real people, real worlds, real issues, nothing heightened or stylized about the worlds in which these people live, and I like that.”

As it seems, Quinto was no longer interested in doing any horror/sci-fi type roles, preferring instead to stick to straight drama. One interesting thing about this is that you can look at Quinto’s work since this interview on IMDb, and see whether he was able to stick to that ambition.

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