Why Del Harris From American Rust Looks So Familiar

Writer and director Aaron Sorkin arguably rose to prominence after the success of his political drama television series “The West Wing,” which focused on the fictional President Josiah Bartlet and his administration. While he eventually moved to feature films, Sorkin would occasionally return to television as well. In 2012, he once again tried his hand at a politically-centered show with “The Newsroom,” a series that focused on the behind-the-scenes drama of a cable news network.

On the show, Daniels stepped into the lead role of Will McAvoy, a Republican news anchor. While it wasn’t the actor’s first foray into television, it would prove to be his first starring role on a series. The series never really achieved much in the way of critical acclaim or awards love — its first season only achieved a 46% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, Daniels and the rest of the cast were unanimously praised, and fans were a bit more kind to it. Still, the show is notable as Daniels’ first embrace of long-form television, and it arguably helped lead him to his role on “American Rust.”

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