Why This West Wing Lead Got Severely Underpaid

Financial disputes and creative differences can lead to bad blood between actors and their employers. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case for Rob Lowe and his colleagues on “The West Wing.” In fact, Sam made a couple of appearances in the show’s final season, giving fans some much-needed closure.

Furthermore, Lowe has no regrets about dropping out of the hit political drama when he did. In an interview with Empire, the veteran actor said that it was the right decision, especially considering the other creative changes that followed in the wake of his departure. “I had no regrets when I did it. I have even less regret now because I can’t imagine staying on the show and then, six weeks later, Aaron [Sorkin] leaving,” Lowe said.

There is some good news for fans who want to see Lowe re-enter the political realm, though. Should “The West Wing” ever be revived, Lowe would jump at the chance to reprise his old character. Per Deadline, he told BBC Radio 5 Live that he’d love to play Sam again, and he’s figured out how his character could be used in the hypothetical revival. One old episode teased Sam as a future president, and Lowe feels that him being appointed as the commander-in-chief would make for a great storyline at some point. 

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