All The Echo Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 3 Explained

Comic fans will probably know that Echo’s vigilante disguise consists of a huge white handprint painted on her face when she takes to the streets. Obviously that doesn’t quite conceal her identity, but it’s certainly an iconic look. She gets the idea when her father, William Lincoln aka Crazy Horse, is murdered by Kingpin. In his last few moments, he leaves a bloody handprint on her face — which is enough to traumatize the young girl. Fortunately, Kingpin is good enough to raise Maya as his own… Such an altruistic guy, that Kingpin.

In the opening moments of “Hawkeye” Episode 3, William is talking with Maya using American Sign Language before she goes to sleep. In this scene, a green handprint painting can be seen in the background of her room. There’s an even more prominent Easter egg soon after, when Ronin takes out most of the Tracksuit Mafia in a bloody, ruthless attack on the gang during that five-year gap. Clint stabs William, and Maya finds her dying father, who touches her face with his bloody hand. It leaves a red bloody handprint across the side of her face, which is a scene practically ripped from the comics.

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