Hawaii Five-0 Showrunner Reveals The Reunion He Always Wanted To Happen

The day after the “Hawaii Five-0” series finale aired, Peter Lenkov was asked by a fan on Twitter if he ever considered bringing Kono Kalakaua (Grace Park) back for a reunion with Adam Noshimuri (Ian Anthony Dale). In a quote retweet, Lenkov responded shortly, “Had always hoped to reunite them at some point.” Despite Lenkov’s response, it seems unlikely that such a reunion was ever actually seriously considered, as a result of Park’s contentious exit after Season 7.

In 2017, Park and Daniel Dae Kim, who played Chin Ho Kelly, departed “Hawaii Five-0” as a result of a contract dispute. Kim later said that the precise nature of the contract dispute was so “dramatic” that it changed his relationships with his co-stars (via TVLine). After CBS announced Kim and Park’s abrupt departures, Lenkov claimed in a tweet that Park left the series to spend time with her family, but Park has disputed this statement. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly a year after she left the series, Park said, “I’m good leaving the boys’ club, and I’m hopeful for the future.”

It sure doesn’t sound like such a reunion was ever in the cards for Kono and Adam. In fact, the series finale of “Hawaii Five-0” was actually noted more for a set of heart-wrenching goodbyes.

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