Hawkeye’s Trick Arrows From Episode 3 Explained

The comics version of Hawkeye is notorious for his many trick arrows, which essentially provide him a facsimile of superpowers and, together with his archery skills and other talents, allow him to regularly take part in and survive fights with vastly more powerful characters. The magical MCU of today is a very different place from the comparatively grounded version of its earlier years, so it’s no surprise that the archer’s namesake show feels free to embrace the stranger parts of his toolkit. 

As such, pretty much all of Clint’s trick arrows that Kate uses against the Tracksuit Mafia are directly lifted from the pages of the comics, and prove that Clint’s equipment has certainly received upgrades since his pre-Avenger days. The smoke bomb arrow, the putty arrow, and the acid arrow are pretty much exactly what it says on the label, and even the seemingly useless suction-tip arrow proves its worth when Clint demonstrates that it can be used as a handy climbing device — or something to hold on when you’re jumping atop a moving train, as it happens. Even the classic cable arrow makes an appearance. 

Of course, there are some deviations from the classics. The impressive arrow that drags Christmas trees at one car appears to be a highly effective variation of the net arrow or the bola arrow. There’s also the quite literal grand showstopper in Clint’s quiver — the Pym Particle-infused giant arrow. This interesting piece of equipment implies, at the very least, that Clint’s in good terms with Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) or Ant-Man (Paul Rudd).

New episodes of “Hawkeye” are available for streaming every Wednesday on Disney+. 

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