Selena Gomez Shares Tricks For When She Struggles “Getting Out of Bed”

If you ever find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning because of your mental health, you’re not alone. Selena Gomez is right there with you.  

Ahead of the launch of her new mental health company Wondermind next year, the Only Murders in the Building star revealed her tips for looking after her mental health each day in an honest Instagram video on Tuesday, Nov. 30.  

When asked how she “takes care of her mind,” Selena responded that she’s not always perfect at the practice. “Sometimes I’m not good at it,” she revealed, “like I’ll just wake up and I struggle maybe sometimes just getting out of bed.” 

However, she shared a few tricks that she’s learned that help her start her day. “What helps me, first and foremost, is just picking up the phone and calling someone,” she said.  

The 29-year-old actress also recommended digging further into your emotional state, understanding why you feel this way, and finding what tools work best for you. 

“I constantly try to fill myself with knowledge of what it is that I am feeling and the triggers that happen to me,” Selena said. “So I think what really helps me understand myself a bit more is that I can take a step back and think of all the tools I’ve learned and try to implement them in my everyday life. That’s usually what helps me.”

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