The Ending Of Hawkeye Episode 3 Explained

Episode 3 does wonderfully what so many movies and television shows fail at when introducing a new comic book character to the screen — we’re looking at you, “Eternals.” We were given a well-rounded intro to Maya’s beginnings, from a young girl to a strong woman in just a few minutes.

The show kicks off in the past, where we see a young, deaf Maya sitting in class with what appears to be all hearing students. Although she doesn’t correctly follow the teacher’s instructions, Maya still proves herself a very intelligent and creative youngster.

Flash forward to the future, but still in the past, we learn that Maya has a prosthetic leg which in no way hinders her ability to kick ass in a boxing ring. Episode 3’s disability representation was stellar, especially given that Echo is not an amputee, but actress Alaqua Cox is, according to People.

We also get a sense of the loving relationship between Maya and her father, William Lopez (Zahn McClarnon). There’s a strong bond there, and William explains to his daughter that she has two live in two worlds as a deaf person. While the duo seems like a great pair, we are reminded that they are involved in some sort of criminal enterprise and part of the Tracksuit Mafia. We also see Ronin taking out a bunch of the Tracksuit thugs in a flashback, with his blade ultimately wiping out William as Maya watches her father take his last breath. We now know why she and the Tracksuits are so invested in tracking down Ronin.

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