The Subtle Detail You Never Noticed About Dexter: New Blood’s Title Screen

On the “Dexter” subreddit, u/yanislavcho recently pointed out in a post that the opening title logo for “Dexter: New Blood” gets bloodier with each episode. It’s a neat little visual trick, especially considering that “New Blood” follows Dexter as he steps more and more into the habits of his old life and embraces his inner nature as a serial killer once again.

u/Northman_Ast also pointed out that the blood seems to be dripping from the word “Dexter” onto the rest of the “New Blood” logo, which would be very interesting if true. “It seems like the blood is dropping from the word ‘Dexter,'” the Redditor wrote. “The last ‘E’ from ‘Dexter’ has less blood at the bottom each episode. Same with blood drops.”

While this could be nothing more than a clever visual trick on the part of the “New Blood” production team, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that it directly corresponds with the themes of the show, including its exploration of how Dexter’s legacy has impacted his son, Harrison (Jack Alcott). Whether or not “Dexter: New Blood” will continue making its title screen bloodier and bloodier the further it gets into its story, however, remains to be seen.

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