Henry Cavill Weighs In On The Witcher’s Steamy Love Triangle

In a red carped interview posted by Digital Spy (via YouTube), Henry Cavill was quick to tactfully remind people that he knows what he’s talking about, since apart from actually playing Geralt, the actor is also a longstanding aficionado of both “The Witcher” novels and the games. As such, one could argue that his opinion is the definitive take on the subject — and, as it happens, he’s Team Yennefer all the way. 

“For me, when I played the games and especially when I read the books, I feel it’s always been true to Geralt’s core is Team Yennefer,” Cavill said. “Of course, the great thing about the game is that you can do whatever you want and that’s the great thing about games. But for me, even in the games, it was Team Yennefer.”

Granted, it’s unlikely that the opinion of one man will cause the entirety of Team Triss to change their minds about the subject. Still, when said man plays the live-action Geralt, it might just carry a bit more weight than usual … even though Cavill did specifically note that he’s just giving his personal opinion. 

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