Machine Gun Kelly Has Another Sweet Red Carpet Moment With Daughter

MGK recently talked about his daughter on The Kelly Clarkson Show, saying, “I trust her opinion more than I trust my own now. Like, she has her finger on the pulse of like, what’s hot or like, if I’m doing a song and it’s the right one, she’ll confirm it.”

“Does she also tell you when it’s crap?” host Kelly Clarkson asked, to which MGK responded, “Oh yeah, for sure.”

He also said Casie is into sports and that he recently took her to her school’s volleyball tryouts.

“She came up to me with like, recruitment papers and stuff like that and I was like, ‘Whoa, what is this?’ Like the NBA draft,” he said. “But my favorite part was I looked at the contract and I was like, ‘Casie, dude, they’re going to pay you $1,800.’ And then I looked closer and I was like, ‘Oh, I have to pay $1,800. Right, OK.”

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