Fort Salem Looks So Familiar

Jessica Sutton notably starred in Netflix’s 2018 romantic comedy sensation “The Kissing Booth,” which chronicles the burgeoning high school love story between girl-next-door Elle and heartthrob Noah. The actress plays the part of Mia, the leader of a trio of high school mean girls that serve as the primary antagonistic force for the first part of the movie.

Ironically, perhaps the most important mark that Sutton’s character makes on the film is that she is indirectly responsible for sparking the flames of passion between the movie’s central couple: Mia is established to have a crush on Noah early on, and she tries to get closer to him by greenlighting Elle’s idea of a kissing booth school fundraiser, so she can have an opportunity to kiss him. Her plan quickly backfires, however, with Elle and Noah sharing an intimate moment at the kissing booth right in front of her, instead.

Though “The Kissing Booth” proved to be a huge hit for Netflix, Sutton did not return for either of the sequels to the original movie, presumably to work on other projects like “Motherland: Fort Salem.” The character continued to appear in the next movies, though, with the part instead being passed on to Camila Wolfson, another actress who may seem familiar to avid film and TV watchers.

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