The Ending Of Succession Season 3 Episode 8 Explained

WayStar-Royco’s evolving corporate architecture continues to be a major story this season. In Season 3 episode 6, Shiv made an unauthorized deal with Stewy (Arian Moayed), Sandy (Larry Pine), and Sandi (Hope Davis) to create new seats on the board in exchange for the Roy’s keeping control of the company. She made this decision at the recent shareholders’ meeting, while Logan was incapacitated with a UTI, and Logan has never seemed to like the deal much. 

Now, Logan looks willing to throw all that out the window. Lately, Roman has been engineering a purchase Of GoJo, a big tech company headed by its mercurial CEO Lukas Matsson. This week, a series of strange Tweets from Lukas has Roman and Logan worried that he’s having second thoughts. At their one-on-one meeting at Lukas’ lakeside retreat, Lukas asks Roman for a 50-50 power sharing arrangement. To Roman’s surprise, when he brings the deal back to his father, Logan considers it. 

This might have seemed unthinkable as recently as a few weeks ago. However, Shiv’s deal with Stewy and Sandy/Sandi has changed the rules. While he hates giving up control of the company, he does admit that GoJo makes WayStar-Royco more relevant to the 21st century. Accepting the deal with GoJo could also screw up Shiv’s recent deal with Stewy, Sandy, and Sandi. Would Logan consider the unthinkable all so he doesn’t have to share power with Sandy Furness? It’s possible. 

The only problem is, Roman makes a big mistake might ruin the deal entirely.

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