What Fans Don’t Understand About Naruto’s Tailed Beast Form

The confusing moment in question happens during Naruto’s fight against Tobi and the five Jinchuriki in the “Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax” arc of “Naruto Shippuden.” At the battle’s climax, he and his fellow Jinchuriki ally, Killer Bee, transform into their respective Tailed Beast forms. Among the more experienced Jinchuriki, this is a pretty common sight, but in Naruto’s case, the youth is only just figuring out how to cooperate with the tailed beast inside him. When he iron things out with Kurama, the results look very different, raising some questions from fans on Reddit.

“Why is Naruto surrounded by Kurama’s chakra whereas Killer Bee is surrounded by the actual 8 tails? Is it because Naruto doesn’t trust Kurama enough to fully release him?” asked the original poster, u/Ok_Soil_231. This is a fair question, as the answer might not seem immediately obvious without a bit of deductive reasoning. Unlike many things in “Naruto,” nobody explicitly states why Naruto’s beast form is a glowing yellow hologram and not, you know, a beast.

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