Abbott Elementary Stars Welcome Office Comparisons

Williams expressed a similar sentiment, as he called The Office “the golden standard of this style.”

“It’s kind of impossible not to [pay tribute],” he continued. “They did such a great job with that show, and really establishing how that works in the American comedy space.”

Williams went on to note that “the greatest art is always pulling from previous art,” and would take comparisons to Krasinski “any day.”

Not to mention, Williams highlighted that the director for the pilot episode, Randall Einhorn, worked on both The Office and Parks and Recreation.

Though Abbott Elementary‘s structure may be similar to those previous mockumentaries, the real inspiration for the show is near and dear to Brunson’s heart. According to the A Black Lady Sketch Show alum, she was inspired to create Abbott Elementary after one impactful visit with her mom, who was a school teacher in Philadelphia before retiring.

“I was at her school, it was a parent-teacher conference night,” she recalled. “And I was a little pissed that she was staying at school till eight o’clock. I just thought, ‘Come on. This is so late.'”

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