Flux’s Avatar Of Time Explained

As “Doctor Who: Flux” Episode 6, “The Vanquishers,” reveals, time in “Doctor Who” isn’t quite as innocent as viewers have been led to believe. Instead, Time is a living thing, and not a particularly nice one. On one hand, it has plenty of reason to be antagonistic, considering that the Doctor — as the Timeless Child — was apparently instrumental in imprisoning it, and giving the Time Lords their time-conquering powers. On the other, the Doctor had plenty of reason to do so, considering that this version of Time is a force of entropy and destruction, as opposed to pretty much everything that the Doctor has historically represented.

As it stands, Time is restrained by the Temple of Atropos on the incredibly appropriately named planet of Time, and doesn’t appear to have a form of its own, using the likenesses of Swarm and the 13th Doctor instead. Should this terrifying, evidently sentient force be unleashed, its destructive clouds of entropy could erase everything that exists. In other words, unless there are some serious smoke-and-mirrors shenanigans at play, “Doctor Who: Flux” just introduced the most powerful and terrifying villain that the show has ever seen … and considering that Jodie Whittaker will soon become the latest Doctor to leave the role behind, it seems incredibly unlikely that the 13th Doctor will survive the ordeals that await her in the upcoming three special episodes. 

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