Jodie Turner-Smith Is a Cutthroat Queen in Anne Boleyn Preview

Off with their heads!

In an E! exclusive clip, for AMC+’s new original series, Anne Boleyn, starring Jodie Turner-Smith as Queen Anne, Her Majesty doesn’t take “no” for an answer. The three-part drama premiering Dec. 9 will retell the legendary Queen’s story who is “both an icon and an enigma; branded a witch, a sexual temptress, a calculating opportunist and a traitor,” according to the show’s description.

In the clip, Thomas Cromwell (Barry Ward), a statesman who serviced as King Henry VIII‘s chief minister asks the Queen, “Did you have a chance to speak with the king regarding the monasteries?”

“Putting together a detailed plan to put before Parliament and expedient approval from the king would be appreciated by all,” he continues.

“Yes, yes, Cromwell I spoke to him,” the Queen replies as the pair watch the king and Jane Seymour, one of her ladies-in-waiting, stroke a horse. “I myself have some proposals for the extra revenue.”

“I’m sure you do,” Crowell mutters under his breath as she walks away.

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