Ranking Characters Of Yellowstone By Loyalty

This slide is a collective look at all the workers of the Yellowstone ranch, with the exception of the branded elites Rip, Jimmy, and Lloyd. As mostly non-branded workers, they can technically leave (though when they go on a quest for vengeance against the trampling of Colby and Teeter, they all become official members of the ranch). Colby and Teeter not only seem to be loyal to the ranch, but their romance is also an amazing addition to the series. Elsewhere, Ryan has somewhat moved on and can’t really be considered on par with the other hands. 

Then there’s Walker, who was branded but left the ranch because he thought it was evil, only to be dragged back when he’s found playing guitar in a bar. By Season 4, Walker seems to have accepted his place as a bunkhouse lifer and has a live-in girlfriend, though she was formerly with his senior bunkhouse member Lloyd. He can be seen joining the other hands in fighting and killing the militia members who attack the ranch in the Season 4 premiere, but his loyalty is still questionable. 

As mentioned previously, Colby and Teeter seem to now be permanent members, and their loyalty was tested when they were almost killed for being workers of the Dutton Ranch but returned to the fold. How far these people are willing to go for John and the Dutton Ranch, though, remains to be seen.

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