The Biggest Unanswered Questions From Lost In Space Season 3

Arguably the biggest endgame revelation in “Lost in Space” is the fact that the alien robots aren’t quite the heartless murder machines that they seem to be. In fact, as Episode 8 of the show’s final season reveals, the whole “Danger, Will Robinson” thing Robot has going on is a lot more common than you’d expect. As multiple kids extend compassion to various damaged robots, they learn that most, if not all the robots are perfectly capable of forming friendly alliances with living creatures, once a show of kinship frees them from the restraints of their programming. As the episode title implies, it’s all about trust. 

However, this doesn’t mean they’re forever bonded to their new human friends. In fact, after the climactic battle, lots of the “Lost in Space” robots just up and leave. Narratively, this makes sense, because friendly or not, the robots clearly have little incentive to ally themselves with what — from their point of view — is an alien species once SAR is defeated. From a viewer’s standpoint, though, it means that tons of cool, super-powerful robots are now out there — free of their restrictive programming, just doing their thing. 

Even cooler, other robots choose to stay and hang around with humans. Since the original Robot is arguably the most compelling character in the entire show, you can’t help but wonder: Now that scores of similar, hyper-powerful robots are free from the shackles of their programming, what amazing things are they up to once the show is over? If they’re all even half as enticing as Robot, this wealth of alien robot character arcs we’ll never get to see is downright tragic. 

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