Rebel Wilson Shares That She’s “Happily in a Relationship”

While it might not have always worked out, the Senior Year star shared it was a great way to learn more about what she wanted out of a future relationship. 

“I deliberately wanted to push myself and date a whole bunch of people and get that experience, which I know in itself is not normal. But, to me, it actually really helped me in finding what I liked and what I didn’t like,” she said. “It was a fun thing.”

Rebel explained that she dated “the full spectrum of people” throughout that year, ranging from “billionaires” to “people that had nothing.”  

She even shared that she traveled to other cities and countries for dates too, noting, “There could’ve been one in Iceland.” 

However, that year didn’t lead her to the right person. “The sad part is the Year of Love didn’t end up in love,” Rebel joked. (Prior to her current relationship, Rebel was linked to Jacob Busch, who she split from in February 2021.)

But it did teach her one valuable lesson: self-love. 

“I love myself! And I learned [that] I can get out there and put myself out there,” she said. “I just learned a bit more self-confidence.” 

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