The Ending Of The Pentaverate Explained

Bruce gives Ken a rundown of his past. He explains that he used his tabloid empire to spread disinformation and control the masses. After being forced into the Pentaverate, he and Colonel Sanders prevented the Y2K bug from shutting down the world’s computers. With the proliferation of the internet, Bruce warned his peers that bad guys would use it to corrupt society far beyond anything he’d ever managed. He wanted to use MENTOR to establish universally agreed-upon facts, but that program failed.

Bruce continues that society was too interested in confirmation bias, conspiracy theories, and other internet nonsense that dulled its interest in actual truth. Disgusted with humanity’s inability to help itself, he decided to auction off MENTOR at the Meadows to anyone who wanted the ultimate power to manufacture any “truth” they want. He poisoned Jason Eccleston to create an opportunity to recruit Skip, but Dr. Clark was brought in instead. After murdering Clark, Skip was finally brought in, effectively giving Bruce two votes.

The next phase of Bruce’s plan was what led to the Maester’s death, who was killed because he was getting too close to the truth. The Parce Clavem was meant to be Bruce’s, which would have given him three votes. However, Ken interrupted that plan by touching the key, making him the only person who could use it. As such, if Bruce is going to have the three votes required to sell MENTOR, he needs Ken with him to cast the deciding ballot. Ken, nice guy that he is, refuses to let him destroy the world, at which point Bruce tells him the internet has already destroyed the world.

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