1,000-Lb Sisters Fans Think This Guy Is The Unsung Hero Of The Gatlinburg Episodes

After arriving at an amusement park in Gatlinburg, Chris Combs, Amy and Tammy’s brother, was excited to get on a roller coaster, but worried that his recent weight loss wouldn’t be significant enough to earn him a seat on the ride. Chris initially didn’t fit in the seat and sadly accepted the ride’s weight limit, although the thoughtfulness of an amusement park employee turned the situation around.

When one seat doesn’t work, the amusement park employee kept trying until Chris was secured in the ride. He was patient and affable through the entire scene, laughing with the family as they made jokes. The man repeatedly made sure Chris was comfortable and safe before starting the ride, which Chris clearly enjoyed.

“Amusement Park guy was a really decent dude and handled Chris’ situation with kindness and dignity,” wrote u/leowifeforlife. Fans were happy to see that what could have been an embarrassing experience for Chris was easily remedied with compassion and humanity. Not only did he take extra care of Chris, but the mystery employee also gave Amy a fun advantage to help combat the issues with her eyesight on the ride. Sometimes reality television can be a showcase for bad behavior, so it’s great to see a series highlight a moment of genuine goodwill.

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