Chicago P.D.’s Memory Episode Has Fans All Saying The Same Thing

Fans discussing the episode on Reddit enjoyed watching “Memory,” but were quick to note that the unnerving episode goes to some surprisingly grim places. “This was a seriously dark episode. Definitely one of the creepiest,” u/theghostwhorocks posted. “I liked this episode. It had a Criminal Minds feel to it, which I really liked,” u/Escoutas wrote. Others, like u/raiderkelley and u/magneticfish heartfeltly agreed on the creepiness factor.

It wasn’t just one Reddit thread, either. Fans on Twitter have also been announcing their appreciation for “Memory” and its dark plot. “This Chicago pd episode is giving me mayor criminal minds vibes … It’s got the creepy factor and I love it!!” @abbiefairclough1 wrote, seconding the “Criminal Minds” comparison from Reddit. Elsewhere, user @ChicagoCFPD highlighted the episode’s unnerving use of a lullaby tune. “Bleach bath AND lullaby together as keyword are just creepy,” they wrote.

Time will tell whether “Memory” will be able to join the pantheon of best “Chicago P.D.” episodes. However, it’s already pretty clear that it’ll definitely hold its own on any list of creepiest “One Chicago” episodes.

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