How Accurate Is Hulu’s Candy?

With one look at the promotional image for Hulu’s “Candy,” it’s clear that the limited series focuses on specific details. Jessica Biel has a distinctive curly hairstyle, making her strikingly similar to her real-life counterpart (via the New York Post). It is in these specifics where “Candy” shines. The devotion to adding true elements from the case makes the series feel rooted in reality.

For those watching the show without any knowledge of the case, some additions may seem odd. Texas Monthly covered the real-life events extensively at the time of the case and many of these facts were added to the show. Episode 1 shows the aftermath of the murder, with a close-up shot of Candy’s bleeding toe – a specific element taken from the case (via Texas Monthly). Another inclusion that may seem strange is Candy’s decision to calculatingly cheat on her husband. Her affair is not spontaneous, but rather a premeditated decision. Candy actually did decide to pick out a new lover and connected with Allan Gore (Pablo Schreiber) at volleyball practice.

We also get to see the misconception that Betty had originally been shot, despite having been found with an ax. This is highlighted when Allan calls Candy and tells her the manner in which Betty died. Biel perfectly encapsulates Candy’s surprise at the news as she knew how Betty was killed. Though the show has beautiful visuals, the true facts of the bizarre case reels viewers in even further. 

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