With Frank Fritz Out, This American Pickers Star Is The Clear Fan Favorite

A December 2021 poll on Reddit asked the question, “Who is your favorite non-Frank co-picker?” Referring to different members of the “American Pickers” crew that not only keep the flow of the show moving but, on occasion, even join in on the picks themselves. Out of the 52 votes, 21 of them went to Danielle Colby, who has joined in on more than a few picks, uncovered some great finds over the years, and made strong connections with the property owners that allow the pickers to hunt for their treasure. Danielle is a longtime member of the “American Pickers” crew and knows the ins and outs of the road and the historical background of plenty of the finds, all while running the show back home at Antique Archeology.

On more than one occasion, fans have gone into detail on why they love Danielle so much, including in a Twitter thread that praised everything from how she runs the company to her support of Frank. One fan specified, “It’s gotta be [Danielle] driving that little 3 wheeled car as the ‘company’ car!! Too funny!!”

Of course, fans aren’t the only ones who appreciate Danielle. In an episode of the show, when she planned a trip to the Field of Dreams to surprise Mike for her 10-year work anniversary, Mike noted, “It’s such a Danielle move to put others in front of herself.” Her sense of humor, work ethic, and selflessness make Danielle a fan favorite on “American Pickers.”

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