The Best Couple On The Walking Dead

A poll on Reddit with over 375 votes asked fans to choose which couple on “The Walking Dead” is their favorite out of six options. With more than 200 votes (53%), the landslide winner is none other than Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan), whose relationship began in Season 2 when the survivors found themselves on the Greene family farm.

Over the seasons prior to Glenn’s demise in the Season 7 premiere, the two endured an overwhelming amount of hardship, including the loss of Maggie’s farm and eventually, her entire family. Nevertheless, the strength of their relationship became a glimmer of joy in the show, and Glenn and Maggie remained a fan-favorite pair. Redditor u/glennscinnamaroll444 summed up the results of the poll perfectly with the comment “Glenn and Maggie, is that even a question?” So it seems that even after the fall of Glenn, the legacy of his relationship and bond with Maggie lives on.

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