Why Fans Think The Stranger Things 4 Poster Just Teased A Major Storyline

The latest poster for “Stranger Things 4” shows off artistic renderings of the main cast. Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven is the largest presence on the poster, but just underneath her is Sadie Sink as Max, who is shown in almost equally large proportions. Even Finn Wolfhard as Mike appears slightly smaller within the image. Max’s outsized depiction within the poster has some fans convinced her storyline will play a major role in Season 4.

On the “Stranger Things” subreddit, u/AquaBlueMagic posted a zoomed-in shot of Eleven and Max on the poster, pointing out how big they appear. Fans agreed that the two characters will probably have a lot to do this season, with u/rosewoodlliars succinctly writing, “It’s their season.” Not everyone was so keen, having not been won over by Max in the past. As u/CaseTheKirby put it, “Not a big fan of max being the main character this season, but i’m open to that changing if they make me really like her character”. On the other hand, certain fans seemed excited about the prospect of a female-centric storyline. u/Xx_Nox cheekily referenced a popular internet meme when they wrote, “I WANT TO SEE THE LADIES GIRLBOSS, GASLIGHT, AND GATE KEEP”.

The end of Season 3 appeared to show Eleven losing her powers. Meanwhile, Max’s brother, Billy (Dacre Montgomery), died in her arms. Both of these plot points are likely to be followed up on in Season 4, which may explain why Max might get a larger storyline. All will be revealed when the first half of the season drops on Netflix in late May.

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