The Ending Of The Sopranos Season 4 Explained

Throughout all of “The Sopranos” we watch Tony struggle to balance his family life with his mob one. He professes constantly to be a family man, despite his brutal crimes and the numerous instances in we watch him behaving as if he has no familial responsibilities, especially to his wife, Carmela. 

By the end of Season 4, Tony makes a big swing to keep his family together. As tensions are high with Carmela, he shows her an expensive beach house, which he says he wants to be a vacation spot where the family can be together. As usual, the rest of Tony’s life complicates things. Carmela receives a call from Tony’s former mistress Irina Peltsin (Oksana Lada), which is bad enough, but Carmela is also informed Tony slept with Irina’s cousin, Svetlana (Alla Kliouka), a woman Carmela has actually met and interacted with. This is the last straw for her, and they separate. Tony and Carmela get into two heated arguments over the state of their marriage, one in which Tony actually has to stop himself from hitting her, throwing his fist into a wall after hesitating, realizing how far he’s fallen. 

Worse is the only reason Irina calls is because Tony beats and scares away her new boyfriend, his business partner Assemblyman Zellman (Peter Riegert) in Season 4 Episode 7 (“Watching Too Much Television”). As sorry as one can feel for Tony, it’s his mistakes that ultimately rip a hole in his family. 

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