Every New Character In Stranger Things 4 Explained

Whether it’s because they love him or fear him, Jason’s teammates follow him as if he really is their leader. When he goes after Eddie, the prime suspect in his girlfriend’s murder, all of them — including Lucas — join him. Lucas’s loyalty may have been torn early on, but once he watches Jason turn violent, he sticks around to protect his friends. Another teammate, Patrick (Myles Truitt), also looks conflicted as Jason’s behavior becomes increasingly problematic. However, Patrick has other things weighing on his mind. 

Once Max goes through Ms. Kelly’s files, the Hawkins kids and the audience know that Vecna picks on teenagers who have trauma (specifically, guilt) in their pasts. We never see what happened to Patrick to make him vulnerable to Vecna’s curse, but we do see Vecna take possession of Patrick’s mind as Jason’s posse rides in his car, which results in a nosebleed. Not long after, Patrick spots the tell-tale grandfather clock from the Creel house at Chrissy’s funeral. 

When his teammates finally figure out where Eddie’s been hiding, Jason swims after Eddie, who’s trying to row away in a speedboat that won’t start. Patrick still looks conflicted, and we can’t tell if he’s trying to help Jason catch Eddie or stop him from doing something he’ll regret. But before Patrick can reach them, Vecna pulls him under the surface of Lovers Lake, then lifts him high into the air and kills him just as he did Chrissy, right in front of Jason’s eyes. Rather than prove to Jason that Eddie is innocent, the basketball captain is now sure the freak killed his girlfriend and his teammate. 

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