Celebrities Who Have Dated Someone Older Than Themselves

Love can blossom in the most unexpected places and between the most unlikely people. Who could have guessed that Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied would find love on the set of their movie Black Swan? Or that Keanu Reeves would marry a beautiful and talented musician over 20 years his junior? Then there are other celebrities who have dated someone older than themselves, like Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger, so we may never know what caused these relationships to begin or end. Here are 10 celebrities who have dated someone older than themselves.

Zayn Malik

It was the summer of 2015 and 22 year-old Zayn Malik had just quit One Direction to be a solo artist. He had been dating his 1D bandmate, Louis Tomlinson, for three years when they decided to call it quits. Now he’s dating 27 year-old Gigi Hadid who also happens to be one of his high school classmates and a close friend.

Emma Stone

At only 23 years old, Emma Stone has dated a few people her own age in the past. But she is not the type of person to be set in one box. She’s very open-minded and likes to explore all her options before making any commitments or assumptions. As a result, this means that she’s dated quite a few people who are older than her.

Charlize Theron

Theron’s older relationships include the six-year relationship she had with actor Stuart Townsend, who is nine years her senior, during which time they dated for about two and a half years. The couple became engaged in 2003 but called it quits a year later.

Miley Cyrus

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Miley Cyrus admitted that she loved the feeling of being kidnapped by Liam because he is over 12 years her senior. Of her relationship, Miley has said, I think when you’re in love it doesn’t matter how old you are. When they first started dating they had a 10 year age difference.

Selena Gomez

Age is a number and if you’re happy in your relationship, that’s all that should matter. Selena Gomez, who just broke up with The Weeknd, is proving to the world this past month by dating Justin Bieber. They are both 21-years-old. He is 4 years older than her but she doesn’t seem to mind because they are happy together.

Anna Paquin

Paquin has a lot of reasons to be grateful. Her name is synonymous with Winner! not only because she’s won two Emmys and a Golden Globe, but also because her second-oldest child is going to get married to the love of her life in the next couple of years. Yes, really. One thing she seems most grateful for? Her famous hubby, actor Stephen Moyer, who is 11 years older than her.

Justin Bieber

Canadian pop star and songwriter, Justin Bieber has dated many notable females in his past, however he is most well known for dating an older woman, Selena Gomez. At the time they were dating she was 19 while Justin was only 17. The couple ended up breaking up over the summer of 2014 but have remained friends. He’s now 22 years old and Selena is 23 so it would be highly unlikely that these two would ever reunite as a romantic pair again.

Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky

Hemsworth met Pataky on the set of 2010’s blockbuster Thor, and sparks flew instantly. They tied the knot in December of that year, having been dating only three months. But not everyone has accepted their relationship – back in 2011, it was reported that Hemsworth’s father Craig disapproved of his son marrying a woman more than 10 years older than he is. Pataky was born in November 1974, which makes her 41 years old.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli

Leonardo DiCaprio has dated a lot of beautiful women, but his relationships with these ladies have lasted for a fairly short amount of time. He is currently dating 25-year-old model Bar Refaeli who is six years older than he is.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey is an American singer and actress who has always been known for her voice. She found success with the release of her self-titled debut album which was released in 1990 and went 6x platinum by the end of the year. However, she’s most notable for having one of the most successful music careers around.

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