The Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Movies You Probably Didn’t Know

The following are 10 fascinating facts about movies that you probably didn’t know before now. If you want to impress your friends the next time you go to the movie theater, read through this list and share it with them! You may be surprised by what some of these film facts are—you probably haven’t heard about most of them before! This list of movie facts will give you a whole new appreciation for the magic of cinema.

1) Movie theaters used to have pianos in them

Movie theaters used to have pianos in them, which would start playing as soon as the curtains opened. Though this practice didn’t last long, they do play music to entertain the audience while they wait for the film to start and sometimes even during movies.

2) There was a brief period where all films were black and white

Historically, cinema was just as colorful as the screen it played on, but a brief period between 1940 and 1952 changed all that. From Citizen Kane to Sullivan’s Travels, every black-and-white film from this era features some of Hollywood’s most iconic stars. Learn about the history of these movies with these ten fascinating facts about movies you probably didn’t know!

3) Film was invented by three people at the same time

Film was invented by three people at the same time. They were working on it individually and in secret. The English man William Friese-Greene was first to try out a prototype of a camera with film, but he died before he could complete his invention. While Louis Le Prince, a French inventor, used glass plates for his camera to record images, Thomas Edison invented the kinetoscope which projected films that had been shot onto a screen.

4) Charlie Chaplin’s favorite prop was his shoe

Charlie Chaplin’s favorite prop was his shoe, and he used it so much that he wore a hole in the toe. In order to avoid losing his audience’s attention, he had to continually come up with clever ways to hide the offending foot.

5) Going to the movies is more affordable than going to the dentist

Going to the movies is more affordable than going to the dentist. Yes, going to the movies is $8 on average, but think about all of those visits to your dentist – you might have spent that much just in dental care alone in a single year.

6) In some places, movie tickets are cheaper than water

In some developing countries, movies are cheaper than water. For instance, in Pakistan a bottle of water can cost more than $2 while tickets to the theater can go for less than $1. In those places where electricity is scarce, people often use paraffin lamps to watch movies at home. The bright light from these lamps can interfere with the image projected on the screen and make it difficult to see what’s happening on-screen. This led DHA Foundation to come up with its Lite Film System.

7) The largest film set ever made

According to Guinness World Records, the largest film set ever made was constructed for The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. Designed by Peter Jackson and art director Grant Major, it spanned an area of 22 acres (9.9 hectares) with 20 miles (32 kilometers) of roads.

8) Movie theater popcorn is different everywhere you go

Movie theater popcorn is one of the most tantalizing things you can buy, but it’s also wildly different in various parts of the world. The dish’s unique flavor and texture can depend on everything from the oil they use to cook it with to where they buy their corn and potatoes. If you want to take your moviegoing experience up a notch, try a different type of popcorn every time you go to the theater!

9) Jack Nicholson loves donuts so much that he bought 20 shops

Jack Nicholson loves donuts so much that he bought 20 shops to be closer to the source. He told Rolling Stone: I like Dunkin’ Donuts because you can get them all day. I’ll eat them at three in the morning, and I’ll eat one and then maybe six hours later, I’ll eat another one.

10) There are two ways to pronounce Disney

The House of Mouse is one of the most famous names in movies. Named after a prominent American animist and film pioneer, it is best known for its family-friendly animation, theme parks, global media presence, and brands that generate billions of dollars per year in revenue. But have you ever wondered how the name is pronounced? Depending on where you live in the world, there are two ways to say Disney: Dih-nese or Deiz-maiz.

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