What Went Wrong Between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s brief marriage was filled with turmoil—including an allegedly abusive relationship and accusations of domestic violence. The couple, who dated for only three months before getting married, announced their separation in May 2016, only 15 months after saying I do. At the time, the couple released a joint statement saying that they have agreed to maintain our friendship, love and mutual respect as we move forward separately, and Heard said she was donating her entire $7 million divorce settlement to charity. But it seems that Depp might be ready to move on from his former flame.

How did Johny and Amber meet?

Johnny Depp first met actress and model, Amber Heard on the set of The Rum Diary, in 2009. They married a little over a year later, in 2015. They had been living together since 2012, so it seemed as though their relationship was serious when they decided to tie the knot. The marriage only lasted for fifteen months before divorcing with allegations of abuse on both sides.

The ever-changing Hollywood rumor mill

Amber heard filed for divorce from actor johnny depp after an alleged domestic violence incident. The news came as a shock to Hollywood, as the actors had only been married for 15 months and seemed deeply in love with one another when they walked down the aisle in February 2015. One of the most shocking things about their separation is that it wasn’t due to infidelity or drug abuse. But how did this couple who seemingly has everything – including the love of family, friends, and fans – fall apart so quickly?

Why did Johnny Depp divorce Amber Heard?

Unfortunately, the couple couldn’t find any common ground. The final straw came in January of 2016 when pictures surfaced of Johnny allegedly with his arm around a blonde woman at the time. It is rumored that the couple never finalized their divorce, which could have led to some difficulties down the line. Furthermore, it seems that not only was divorce on their minds but so was continuing their court battle from May of 2016 in regards to Amber’s domestic abuse allegations against him.

Who’s lying about what exactly went down during those few days in May 2015

Johnny’s lawyer says he ‘kindly asked Ms. Heard to leave his Los Angeles home to spare both of them any further discomfort.’ Meanwhile, Amber claims she was assaulted with a cell phone and hit in the face by her partner. Who is telling the truth? It’s not totally clear from the testimonies what really happened those few days in May 2015. One thing is for sure, however: something did happen between these two former lovers, but we’re still not certain what exactly transpired.

And why do fans care so much about their personal lives anyway?

Many people have speculated about what went wrong between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, but one thing is for sure: the couple needs to come out with a public statement soon. For some reason, people are oddly obsessed with their personal lives and continue to speculate on what might have happened. Maybe it’s because they’re Hollywood stars and fans feel like they can get a glimpse into the glamorous life of being rich and famous–or maybe people are just as fascinated by their romance as I am.

How do we know all this stuff anyway?!

Amber filed for divorce from Johnny in May, citing irreconcilable differences. But, there’s been a lot of information about the pair released since then. A Hollywood gossip reporter shared new details that are making this situation all the more difficult to understand. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, they revealed that Amber wanted a break when she moved out of their home last January. Apparently, Johnny went ballistic when he found out and physically attacked her. That was one of many fights they had over their three-year relationship as apparently things were not always great between them.

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